The following information was written and posted by a Tumblr user who has asked to not be involved in the project anymore and wished us to put it on our website instead.

In 2007, when CBS canceled the show Jericho, the fans sent in over 20 entire TONS of peanuts (based on the final line of the main character) to the network, and the show was brought back for another season.

In 1999, fans of Roswell sent in over 3,000 bottles of hot sauce (which was a character's favorite) and the network specifically said that it contributed to the show going on as long as it did. The show was never actually cancelled, fans did this before that news could be announced to make sure it never was.

A VERY SMALL amount of fans kept Friday Night Lights on the air after it was cancelled by sending in lightbulbs and eye-drops (more references to the show) and DESPITE THE LOW RATINGS, these efforts kept NBC from cancelling it for FIVE SEASONS.

SOURCE FOR ALL OF ABOVE HERE, PLUS EXAMPLES OF OTHERS. TV tropes also has more examples of successes for other television shows, animes, and video games HERE. Even more examples of successes HERE.

DO NOT STOP sending feedback to FOX. And START sending actual, physical, stamped letters to the studios, which are going to, in the end, be far more paid attention to (according to all past examples).

And because of the success before, with fans sending in items that represent something relating to the show we love, I've been thinking, maybe,

Send in Bird Seed.

For Sunshine! For Malcolm's (and our) beloved bird! Just fill a little clear plastic baggie with bird seed and put it in an envelope either alone or with a letter (please don't send it in loose as it can and has sometimes caused allergic reactions depending on what kind, so make sure no one will have to touch it when they open it + that it won't fall through the envelope in the mail) and send it off to Warner Bros with #SAVESUNSHINE and #RENEWPRODIGALSON written on it. Buy a little pack online and put the address for delivery as FOX or WB.


4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, CA 91522 USA

BIRD SEED COSTS LIKE 3 BUCKS AT WALMART. You can probably get several envelopes worth of one bag!

Once again send in PHYSICAL LETTERS, things that have to be sorted through not just clicked away online. Add the birdseed baggie WITH your letter. Write the hashtags on the envelope!

This has worked before. Fans can save shows, even if there's only a small but dedicated amount. Even with Firefly, where FOX didn't actually reverse cancellation, all the DVD sales of the series (which was a campaign by fans, go buy as many as you could) caused it to be picked up by Universal Studios for a finale in the form of a movie.

Buy the show on Amazon, on HBO Max, SHOW THEM WE LOVE IT AND WANT A SEASON 3 (and beyond!).

It's our choice! Let it be to #SAVESUNSHINE!