Who to @

It is essential that we are loud EVERYWHERE! Everyone needs to hear us and see us — don't focus on just one! Schedule multiple tweets, rotating who you @!










Please only switch to these tags at 8PM EST. Beginning early could jeopardize our chances of trending.
*ONLY use these TWO tags. Twitter considers anything with more than two tags spam.
*REMEMBER to include words before the tags. Tweets/Quote Tweets marked only with tags are seen as spam.

Our Goal:

14,000 Tweets before the two hours are up! Let's get onto that trending list!


You can schedule tweets ahead of our tweeting party at 8PM EST on the desktop Twitter site.


1. Click on the Tweet button.
2. Compose your Tweet. (ex. Please pick up Prodigal Son for a third season! #ProdigalSon #PickUpProdigalSon @netflix)
3. Click on the Calendar icon below your Tweet.

4. Set the Date to May 18, 2021 and the time to whenever you want the Tweet to release.

*Note: The example above is set for the Eastern timezone.

5. Press "Confirm" in the upper right-hand corner.

6. Press "Schedule".

The tweet will automatically release at the scheduled time.
*We recommend scheduling several tweets on as many accounts as possible as it increases our odds of trending. These can be personal or back-up accounts. Private accounts need to be made public to count towards a trending topic.

Tweet Limit (A.K.A. Twitter Jail) & Back-Up Accounts

If you exceed the maximum amount of tweets (which seems to vary from user to user), Twitter will restrict your ability tweeting privileges, allowing you to only like/retweet posts. This can be frustrating when trying to trend, but we have a solution.

Back-Up Accounts

Consider creating another Twitter account to use if you get placed in "Twitter Jail".
Bonus: Twitter will recognize this as another account interested in #ProdigalSon, increasing our ability to trend.

Have fun tonight, Prodigies! Let's be polite to networks like @AppleTV and @PrimeVideo, kind to each other, passionate about our little murder show, and LOUDER than EVER!

If you have a question, drop us a line @ProdigalSaviors on Twitter!